5 documentaries on Netflix to watch during this quarantine

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All over the world, watching documentaries and films is becoming a great option during this quarantine.

In this article, we highlight 5 documentaries to watch that will make you change in some way the way you see life.

Dark Tourist

During holidays, there are those who like to go to paradisiacal beaches, those who love visiting historic cities and rich in culture, and others who prefer to visit places that are related to tragedies and death, the so-called “dark tourism”.

Netflix created the documentary “Dark Tourist”, which describes some of the most macabre and unusual tourism spots around the world. The journalist chosen for this documentary was David Farrier. Throughout the 8 episodes of the documentary, there are several tours, such as visiting the old mansion of one of the greatest drug dealers in history, Pablo Escobar, in Colombia or a tour about the murder of John F. Kennedy.


Have you ever wondered where the most consumed food comes from? What are the disadvantages related to the excessive consumption of certain foods?

In this six-episode documentary, the food supply chain is exposed in a very profound way, which brings repulsive truths in relation to what we eat daily.

In each episode of this documentary, a specific food that is consumed in exaggeration is analyzed. From the excessive production of honey, where we can see how harmful it is to the colonies of bees, to the production of peanuts and even the growing of birds and cod.

The Mind, Explained

Have you ever wondered why we can’t remember everything we have in our fridge? Why don’t we remember all the details of our life? Why is it that about one in three people suffers from some kind of anxiety disorder at some point in their life? Do our dreams really mean anything or serve a purpose?

Narrated by Emma Stone, this 5-episode documentary answers these questions and some more we are not always able to understand.

Our Planet

Attention: If you are an animal lover, this documentary can become quite disturbing for you.

Netflix stated which are the most disturbing parts so that you jump them:

The main objective of this documentary is to show how the polar bears, seals, penguins and walruses habitats are currently experiencing climate change.

In the first episode, you can see, for example, baby flamingos struggling to walk after water has dried and the salt accumulated around their legs.

The entire documentary, considered shocking, is also a way of raising consciousness in the society, so that we can see the true effects of our habits and way of living.

The Story of God with Morgan Freeman

“The documentary The Story of God is a Morgan Freeman’s epic exploration and an intimate reflection on God. Each episode will focus on a major question about the divine: from the mystery of Creation to the true power of miracles to the promise of, these universal mysteries have an impact on everyone of all faiths. Morgan will immerse himself in religious and ritual experiences around the world, from the Western Wall in Jerusalem to the Bodhi Tree in India to the megachurches of the United States. You will be a guinea pig in scientific laboratories to examine how the boundaries of neuroscience and cosmology are intersecting the traditional domain of religion, and you will travel with archeologists to discover long-lost religions of our ancestors, as in the ruins of 10,000 years old. Gobekli Tepe, Turkey. Man’s relationship with God is the most important issue in the history of mankind. This ambitious expedition through the ages and around the globe tries to understand how faith has shaped our lives, regardless of religion or belief. “ – National Geographic

If you are a skeptical person, this is the best documentary for you, regardless of your religion or beliefs.

Are you with children at home? Here are some tips to make the most of these days.

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