Back pain | causes and treatments

back pain Back pain | causes and treatments The sleep journey back pain

Resulting from the frenetic lifestyle of today’s population, suffering from back pain is extremely common among all ages, from young people and teenagers to adults. The discomfort back pain causes must be corrected, so that it does not develop into something more serious or permanent.

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Back pain

To be able to improve you have to:
1. Analyze the type of back pain;
2. Understand the cause;
3. Receive proper treatment.

Important note: This article does not replace a medical appointment.

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Back pain


Neck pain (neck pain):
Pain felt in the cervical spine that usually stops after a few days.
Main causes: It is associated with incorrect posture and stress, but it can also be caused by an accident or a fall.

Torticollis / stiff neck:
If you have already lost neck mobility or part of it, you probably have suffered a stiff neck. Torticollis is a contraction of the muscles located in the cervical region that can cause moderate back pain.
Main causes: Wrong sleeping position, sudden movements, excess of physical exercise and even stress.

Low back pain:
Pain felt in the lower back, leading to difficulties in small movements and discomfort when moving.
Main causes: Sudden movements, prolonged movements such as being in the same position for many hours or falls.

Pain in the middle back (dorsal pain):
Pain felt in the central area of the back and in the base of the neck. It can also be a hernia or sciatica.
Main causes: Movements that require a lot of effort, lifting very heavy weights, sudden movements, or in the case of hernias, it may be the organism itself developing. It may also have physiological causes such as pregnancy, menstruation or menopause.

Persistent back pain can also be a sign of cardiovascular problems, lung problems or in other organs. Therefore, it is important to see a doctor if you experience back pain for a long time.

Back muscle contractures:
A muscle contracture occurs when the muscle contracts incorrectly and does not return to its normal state of relaxation. Contracture causes pain, discomfort and limits some movements. It can occur in the neck, cervical, thigh, back or buttocks.
Main causes: Wrong sleeping position, sudden movements, excess of physical exercise, tension or stress.
– Pain and discomfort;
– Presence of a painful and hard part of the muscle, similar to a lump;
– Difficulty in stretching the muscle;

Scoliosis (deviation in the spine):
Many deviations can be of genetic origin or can be acquired throughout life, with muscle, bone or neurological changes in the organism itself.
Main causes: Bad posture during the day or sleeping and obesity.

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Back pain must be treated according to the respective cause, however if it is not a specific pain, the treatment can be a simple anti-inflammatory and physical exercise to increase muscle strength and flexibility.

For example, to reduce lower back pain, it is required to increase muscle and strength in that area, which can be solved with abdominal exercises.

In cases where the pain is persistent and more intense, going to physiotherapy, osteopathic massage or acupunture should be considered.

If your pain is associated with stress, read our article:
Therapeutic activities to relieve stress

Most types of back pain have common causes, such as: stress, bad posture and sudden movements.

In your daily routine, you should include the following habits:
– Practice physical exercise;
– Sleep on your back or side, on a mattress that supports the natural curvatures of your spine; (We suggest Colunex Revolution mattress)
– Correct your posture by walking and sitting with your back straight;
– Avoid sudden movements or exaggerated physical efforts;
– Do not cross your legs while sitting for long periods of time;
– If you work in a sitting position, stop and stretch at least twice during working hours, preferably once in the morning and once in the afternoon;
– Control your weight so as not to overload your spine;
– Do not lean forward or back while seated;
– Keep one foot higher than the other when standing still;
– Do not lift weights incorrectly! When doing so is essential, do it at the expense of the legs and not the back, bending the knees, touching the object to your chest and not rotating;

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