Bedroom Pantone Ideas

bedroom Bedroom Pantone Ideas the sleep journey bedroom pantone

What colour should I paint my bedroom?
How breathtaking are the warm colours of a sunset? How peaceful is looking at a clear blue sky? How fascinating is to appreciate the colours of a rainbow? How scary is to enter a dark place?

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Colours bring emotions to our lives, they shape our mood and influence our thoughts. Our bedrooms are no exception! Keeping in mind that each colour has a psychological connotation, from tranquillity to rage, it is important to choose wisely the colour of our bedroom.

In this article, we will recommend colours to create a peaceful and harmonious ambience.

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary for relaxation and serenity. The following shades are known to reduce stress and anxiety and stimulate relaxation.

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Light Grey
First of all, being a neutral shade, light grey goes extremely well with all other colours, facilitating the decoration of the bedroom. Then, light grey on the walls brings a very calming presence. Be careful with darker greys, because it might make the room dramatic or depressing.

Pale Blue
Said to slow the heart rate and reduce blood pressure, pale blue is perfect for an ambience meant for relaxation. Actually, shades of blue are the best at promoting soothing feelings. However, keep in mind that pastel baby blue might make your bedroom resemble like a nursery.

Soft Green
Bringing feelings of serenity and contentment, this colour is very special for having both warm and cool features. A very soft green brings colour while being at the same time almost a neutral colour.

As an earthy tone, beige is able to transmit warmth while being a neutral and peaceful colour. Coming from a very light shade of brown, beige is perfect for pairing with stronger hues if looking for a more colourful space.

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