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Inspirational quotes about life

inspirational quotes Inspirational quotes about life Inspiration quotes about life albert

It’s the end of another year! During this season, we always think about everything that we’ve been through the year. This particular year was very difficult to everyone and our mental health was put to test. To help think about new year’s resolutions and about what we want for next year, we will show you […]

Christmas useful gifts guide

christmas Christmas useful gifts guide the sleep journey christmas useful gifts guide

Do you need ideas for Christmas gifts? Are you tired of giving the same predictable gift every year? Well, you’re not the only one. Everyone likes to be different and offer something special but it’s not that easy to find something useful and nice at the same time. So, The Sleep Journey did an intensive […]

Trendy Christmas decorations for 2019

christmas Trendy Christmas decorations for 2019 the sleep journey trendy christmas decorations

The most magical time of the year is coming! If you want to create something magical and unique in your house, we have the perfect ideas for your Christmas decorations.In this article, we will give you 5 ideas on how to show kindness and love and all the good emotions that Christmas brings by creating […]

Bedroom Pantone Ideas

bedroom Bedroom Pantone Ideas the sleep journey bedroom pantone

What colour should I paint my bedroom?How breathtaking are the warm colours of a sunset? How peaceful is looking at a clear blue sky? How fascinating is to appreciate the colours of a rainbow? How scary is to enter a dark place? Colours bring emotions to our lives, they shape our mood and influence our […]