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baby Songs that calm your baby the sleep journey songs that calm your baby

Different day, same problem? Sometimes we don’t know what else to do to make our baby fall asleep.

Ideally, babies should always fall asleep naturally and without any external stimulation, but as this is not always possible, we end up using alternatives to help us.

Listening to the mother’s voice is a good way to soothe a newborn baby because it is the voice heard the most during the pregnancy. That is why we sometimes find ourselves singing a lullaby that we had no idea we knew the words.

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Also, we can choose to put a song that gives comfort and peace to the baby. We’ve made a selection of some songs that can help your baby fall asleep faster.

There are various researches conducted during the 20th century that claim that Mozart’s music brings several benefits to babies and kids, such as:

– Increased brain responsiveness. Increased brain responsiveness.  Through pulsations and unique frequencies of the instruments, Mozart’s pieces have the power to modify the brain’s predisposition, making it more receptive, especially in the areas of the right hemisphere, related to the perception of space.

– Increased concentration ability. Getting the child used to listening to Mozart as background music at home, for example, while playing, increases the ability to concentrate on what he is doing.

– Boosts children’s creativity. Listening to Mozart melodies makes it easier for the mind to flow and be more receptive to creativity.

– Stimulates the baby’s heart rate while still in the mother’s belly. Reinforces the bond between mother and baby, which generates the production of endorphins in the mother.

– Stimulates the baby’s hearing ability. Extremely important for the child’s learning, because if you are used to have a musical background from a young age, you will have better-listening skills in the future when you have to learn to distinguish different melodies and beats.

– Helps the baby relax and sleep better. Some of the composer’s melodies are especially relaxing and have the gift of calming and relaxing the baby, helping him to sleep better.

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