Stories to enchant and fall asleep

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Bedtime stories play a magical role that brings parents and children together in pajamas (dads, put on your pajamas too!) and promotes the discovery of new worlds every night.

However, each year, the child learns new things about the world around him and about himself. When developing new motor and cognitive skills, there is naturally a change in interests and themes when it comes to stories.

Stories to enchant and fall asleep stories to enchant and fall asleep Stories to enchant and fall asleep TheSleepJourney Historias pdeencantaredormir 1200x800
Stories to enchant and fall asleep

How to choose the right book?

In this article, we will give you tips on book themes depending on your child’s age and associated interests, so you can more easily get your child’s attention and curiosity.

Children 0-2 years old – Stimulate the senses

Books with textures, music and rhymes.

These books soothe, stimulate the senses and entertain, without arousing and awakening. Music is a wonderful element at any age and even helps parents to relax.

Children from 3 to 5 years old – Getting to know the day-to-day

Choose books with stories on a single theme such as colors, animals, feelings and positive characteristics such as sharing, equality and kindness.

As reality and fantasy still mix at these ages, avoid books with scary elements. Simple fables are a great choice.

Children 6 to 8 years old – Exploring other worlds

Although they already read alone, the reader’s emotional presence is appreciated.

Choose books with themes that allow you to expect and yearn for the next day’s bedtime. This helps to create sleep habits and promotes interaction between parents and children.

Adventure stories, featuring human characters or stories about school content, are excellent choices.

Important tip!

When reading stories to enchant and fall asleep, always take a physical book, avoid reading on your phone, Ipad… The book has and will always have a different aura!

In that book there will only be a story, a unique trip and special friends, which can be revisited at any time, by simply flipping through the pages.

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Stories to enchant and fall asleep

In any case, it is essential to know your little listener and understand the themes that enchant him.

From an early age, children demonstrate which themes interest them most. Is it the animals, the cars, the super heroes? Pay attention and adapt your reading to these themes.

Pass on your experience!

Tell the stories that enchanted you in your childhood to your kid. Create bonds through fantasy and see the good results you will get.

There is nothing like falling asleep after feeling the warmth of the voice of those you love and embarking on a nightly journey, lulled by the stories that enrich and help maintain the magic of life.

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