Who is the “father” of your bad sleep?

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Bad sleep is a common complaint in modern society! However, the reason for this discomfort is, in most cases, wrongly evaluated.

It then becomes pertinent to reflect on what is truly the reason for this problem that directly and deeply affects our physical, mental and psychological health!

“It’s stress!” Many scream.

“It’s the job! Traffic! Anyway, I wake up without any patience!” So many others say…

And all those who lack hours of sleep? Ahhh these then, wake up looking like “messy drawers”, but always attribute the terrible night to some more complex factors.

Since we are on this topic, let us take the opportunity to open a parenthesis that is worth remembering: the day of all the great characters that marked and changed the history of mankind like Galileo, Da Vinci, Colombo, Churchill, Marie Curie or Cleopatra also had 24 hours! Amazed? I believe it!

But let us go back to the roots of the bad sleep problem, which in this phase of confinement, can be proved without much difficulty because there is no longer the traffic excuse or the tightening in the metro, .

Now let’s see: 1. we stay longer in bed, at least we can save the traffic time that we would spend until work; 2. The stress of work derived from social relations has dropped dramatically and we do not really have major commitments that force us to leave the “nest” at full speed.

Who is the “father” of your bad sleep? bad sleep Who is the “father” of your bad sleep? the sleep journey pai do mau dormir 02 1 800x800
Who is the “father” of your bad sleep?

Realistically, what motivates now an awakening laking energy or that persistent cervical and lumbar discomfort? Go to your room, look at the “monsters” you feed every night! No, they are not imaginary monsters. Look again: yes, that’s right! The mattress and pillow you use may be responsible for your nights of horror and mornings of suffering.

These two elements, so forgotten under the softness of the bedding, can be the villains of your nightly stories and the actors of your bad sleep.

Make a quick analysis:

– Do you often wake up at night because of heat? This means your mattress does not facilitate thermal balance!

– Does it take a long time to fall asleep because you can’t find a comfortable position? Folding and turning the pillow as if it were an enemy will not solve the problem!

– Do you have to “fight” to turn around in bed due to the “relief” of your mattress? These micro awakenings cut natural sleep cycles!

– Do you find the sofa more comfortable than your bed? Maybe your sofa is newer…

I bet you identified with any of the statements or remember the time when you didn’t have Colunex products …

It is widely speculated that the post-pandemic will bring a new society, with new paradigms… That we will give importance to other things, perhaps to those that really matter and that, until today, were inside a chest of memories, whose key was in part uncertain. Meals on time and with the family, the pleasure of calling friends just to find out how they are doing and SLEEP, that companion that is the essential fuel for health and for us to collect happy moments.

With more time to contemplate and, in the end, enjoy the house, we discovered that our home is our safe haven, however serious the external scenario may be.

Who is the “father” of your bad sleep? bad sleep Who is the “father” of your bad sleep? article revolution colunex 2

Now that you know the main reason for your little starry nights, think that you can sleep better … Renew your mattress and pillows, which have been pirates in your nights, stealing your peace and rest.

Sleep well and wake up to the new world with renewed thoughts, dreams and vitality.

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