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Christmas useful gifts guide

christmas Christmas useful gifts guide the sleep journey christmas useful gifts guide

Do you need ideas for Christmas gifts? Are you tired of giving the same predictable gift every year? Well, you’re not the only one. Everyone likes to be different and offer something special but it’s not that easy to find something useful and nice at the same time. So, The Sleep Journey did an intensive […]

Anatomic pillow, your neck’s best friend

anatomic Anatomic pillow, your neck’s best friend the sleep journey anatomic pillow your necks best friend

Have you heard about the Anatomic pillow? Colunex, the Portuguese company dedicated to creating mattresses and pillows that promote healthy and comfortable nights to its customers, created an exclusive pillow that will make your nights deeply restful. The Anatomic pillow is composed of perforated, semi-rigid mini-tubes that adapt to the contours of your neck, fostering […]