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Who is the “father” of your bad sleep?

bad sleep Who is the “father” of your bad sleep? the sleep journey night routines for happy mornings 04 1

Bad sleep is a common complaint in modern society! However, the reason for this discomfort is, in most cases, wrongly evaluated. It then becomes pertinent to reflect on what is truly the reason for this problem that directly and deeply affects our physical, mental and psychological health! “It’s stress!” Many scream. “It’s the job! Traffic! […]

Top 4 Luxury Hotels in Portugal

hotel Top 4 Luxury Hotels in Portugal the sleep journey top 4 luxury hotels in portugal

Who doesn’t like to spend the weekend in a good hotel? Do you prefer a hotel in the middle of a city or a hotel in a quiet place? We have created a list of hotels you definitely need to visit in Portugal. Vidago Palace – Chaves The Vidago Palace Hotel offers an ambience that […]